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TEEN TOP- Be Ma Girl

At the last post, i say that the group that i like the most is TEEN TOP, This is their song call Be Ma Girl.Teep Top’s star continues to rise with their third single album. The group’s “Summer Special” release offers an exciting and energetic sound for the summer. Their lead track Be Ma Girl is a silky confession song with bold lyrics and mesmerizing club beats.

my idol <3

This is my lovest idol in this world.He come from a group call TEEN TOP.  His name is call L.Joe. He was very good in English. He was come from a group call Teen Top~They gt six people inside the group~All of their song is very nice such as To you, Crazy and more. I love he so much~<3



Myself :)

My name is Wong Kayl Li.I am 17 years old in this year. I study in SMJK Chong Hwa and I am in 5A1. My hobies is dancing and watching movie. I hav a best friend in this world, it was hui xin, but we always call her “star star”.